Up is a pixar new movie by disney they creted this in 2009 and now it is a big hit next to other movies like bolt


Up is and disney pixar movie that came out in 2009 there was a couple of amazing actors in it that steeped up and started filming it with the old man and the little boy called russel who was an scout boy who kept (tried to) keep his neghberhood safe and annimal friendly after that the old man tied thosand of ballons to his house and took of to get away from russel but guess what russel was still on the house after knoking on the mans door he opened the door let russel in and then it all went down hill from there when they got trapped in the forest


russel (the up boy) is one of the most popular characters n disney movies last year he has gon up the fame chars and now he is near the top as he is the 2009 noticable cartoon of the year voted by DISNEY365

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